Hello, my name is Shileen.


I’m a 50-something woman who has discovered yoga and reiki to be powerful healing and empowering tools.

The mat has and continues to teach me to embrace my authenticity in the body in which I live and to live life from a place of love.

It has shown me that even in my 50's, I am stronger and more capable than I ever thought possible. The sky truly is the limit at any age!

I became a Reiki Practitioner in February of 2017 after my beloved brother had passed the previous December. I was having a rough time with the grieving process and began developing physical symptoms. After a friend of mine suggested reiki treatments, I found Wendy Borne, Reiki Master and Medium from Visions Reiki. I was not only amazed with the results, but Wendy affirmed that I was indeed a healer, which was something I always felt I had. The next thing I knew I had become an intuitive certified reiki 2 practitioner giving me the privilege of helping others as I had been helped.

Although I miss my brother terribly, his illness and passing became a gift to me. He is the reason I am doing what I’m doing. I made a promise to him, myself and God that somehow, I would help people in the journey of life whether it be grief, mental illness, physical illness, health and wellness in general, divorce, spiritual abuse, etc.

My life has no doubt prepared me for such a time as this. I spent 30 years in ministry where I offered spiritual and life counseling. 

I have been a student of health and wellness for 20 years, which currently I am a plant-based food enthusiast and in yoga teacher training. I also have an emotional wellness coaching background and am a student of the law of attraction.

All of this and more are tools in my toolbox for supporting and helping my clients.

I have come to discover that my purpose is to meet people where they are in their own life journey to offer them hope and encouragement by removing energetic blocks in order to help them heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually so that they can move forward in life.

What a privilege!

Thanks so much for being here. I appreciate you.




Join me here at yog-i-nspiration.com where you will receive inspiration and encouragement that leads to empowerment whether you are a yogi wannabe, beginner, or a seasoned yogi or are looking to heal through reiki practices. I got your back!

I include emotional & spiritual support, life tips through lessons from my personal mat, occasional how to's, and nutritional tips.