Sending Love & Prayers

It’s hard to know what to do when areas of the world, especially our own country, suffers from a devastating catastrophe like the recent hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, and even the areas effected by the wildfires out west. Sending money, although important, just doesn’t seem to be enough. Don’t you wish to do something more? I do! But what?!

I noticed that as I have checked in with my friends and family in the danger zones, I ended my messages by saying, “Know that I’m sending you love and prayers”. This got me thinking … 

I Can Do Hard Things

My mantra lately has been … “I can do hard things”.

The idea of what shows up on the mat, shows up in day to day living has become very real to me. I have noticed that I’ve been shying away from the poses that don’t come easy.  The shocking current revelation is that I’ve been living

The Journey to Change Starts Here

The journey to change starts here!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results. Who’s ready to get off that crazy merry-go-round?!

It’s time to STOP and seriously ask yourself this … What is it that you want? I mean,

Life Loves You!

All of life loves and supports you and wants you to grow and bloom into the most glorious version of yourself!

I’ve been on a huge healing journey since my marriage ended 6 years ago. We had been married 28 years when our divorce was final just a couple of years ago. One year ago, at age 55, I began a serious yoga practice just for exercise, but

I Am the Observer

I am the observer!

Because we tend to be too attached to the externals in life, we end up creating a lot of unnecessary suffering. We allow things like body image to define us, which in the end, gives away our power.

Today in the middle of meditation ...

Connecting to My Truth

here is so much pressure on us to perform … to become something big … to discover our “calling” … to achieve … to have grandiose dreams … to create something that is bigger than life. For some people, this pressure comes from a