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Wake Up To Your Thoughts

Wake Up To Your Thoughts

Do you ever notice your thought patterns?  And then, do you ever really notice all the little fleeting thoughts, the ones that you’re always having to put in check or push to the side or shelve?

It’s those fleeting kinds of thoughts that I have been noticing within me … actually, I have been waking up to the pattern of those not so fun fleeting thoughts.  It’s the kind that give us clues about our fears and concerns that are seriously running in the background influencing our day to day life which we tend to be blind to.

If you want different results, you must engage in different behaviors.  That’s nothing new, right? But it is so very true and it starts by waking up to repetitive thought patterns that do not serve us.  The blatant kind and the fleeting kind.

I truly believe that spending solid time on our yoga mat teaches us to be more aware of ourselves in a whole way, meaning emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  It’s being in the active moment of stillness that quiets our minds enough to be able to hear ourselves, our real selves or what I refer to as the essence of who we are. 

Our Essence knows what’s going on and can and will tell us if we have ears to hear!  And, of course, the key is to then honor what is said.  Our Essence will tell us all about those blatant and fleeting thoughts not serving us and will give us the answers we need and desire to move us forward. 

Let me end by saying this.  The only person who can truly make you feel good deep inside and feel happy is you.  Someone can tell you the right things that can make you feel good on the surface, but if there is a belief system running in the background that is contrary to what that someone is saying to you, the feel-good moment will be fleeting.  Until the belief system is dealt with, hence the purpose of waking up to the fleeting thoughts not serving you, it’s going to be an ongoing issue of feeling insecure, inadequate, or unhappy.

So, I encourage you to hop on your mat, as will I, and get still and be in the moment.  Embrace those thoughts that you don’t like to dwell on and learn and grow from them!  It is there that you will be able to discover different behavior to move you foward.


Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body