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Moving Through Feelings of Limitation & Powerlessness Part 2

Moving Through Feelings of Limitation & Powerlessness Part 2

So, you realize that you always have choices in what feels like limiting, powerless situations.  Rather than rolling over and jumping down the victim rabbit hole, you kicked the victim mentality out the window and moved into a place of empowerment while rolling your sleeves up to get to work on the situation at hand.  In the moment and in your head, it all made you feel better, but now what? 

How do you take your decision out of your head and move it into a working plan of action?

It’s a good question because many of us get stuck there, myself included, which means we never move into that true place of empowerment and in the end, end up allowing ourselves to live out the situation powerless and victimized.  A choice that was all of our own!

Granted, some situations are easier than others, but let’s think through a basic plan of action that can help us get the ball rolling no matter how simple or difficult the situation may be.

1.        What you think about you bring about so focus on the solution, not the problem.  You may not know what the solution is yet, that’s ok, but set your intention on the solution!

2.       Get quiet and meditate with the intention of simply being so that you can hear from yourself. Believe it or not, you know what you need! You just need to quiet the ego so you can hear from your Essence! Set your timer for 15 minutes, longer if only you desire it from your heart.

3.       Either before or after your meditation, practice yoga. (To get started you can use the simple flow video that is in your FREEBIE for signing up.)

4.       Take it all out of your head.  Journal your thoughts and ideas and then set your goal for the situation.

5.       Create a plan of action and write down the necessary steps needed to reach your goal along with due dates.

6.       Get support … moral support and/or professional support.

7.       Work your plan!

8.       Use your mat anytime during the process to help you work through bumps along the way.

9.       Stick to it!

10.   Reach your goal! … Empowerment!

Right now, in this very moment, close your eyes and imagine you have worked through this process and you’ve reached your goal.  Imagine how good it feels, how empowered you feel, how limitless you feel in a situation that once left your feeling limited and powerless!  You see, anything really is possible if you put your mind to it!  Now! Take this amazing feeling and go make it happen!  You can do it! I believe in you!!



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