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Sending Love & Prayers

Sending Love & Prayers

It’s hard to know what to do when areas of the world, especially our own country, suffers from a devastating catastrophe like the recent hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, and even the areas effected by the wildfires out west. Sending money, although important, just doesn’t seem to be enough. Don’t you wish to do something more? I do! But what?!

I noticed that as I have checked in with my friends and family in the danger zones, I ended my messages by saying, “Know that I’m sending you love and prayers”. This got me thinking … why just my friends and family? Everyone effected needs love and prayers right now! Yes?!

An idea came to me, this morning, during meditation. Let’s get as many people together as possible and send love and prayers at the same time to all the recent victims. Five minutes … that’s doable, isn’t it?  YES!

I believe that love is the greatest healer of all. When a group of people come together with the same loving intention, it creates a powerful energy that is truly impacting! There IS power in prayer!

Sending Love & Prayers

Love is the greatest healer of all!

9/13/17 . 12 noon

Would you join me and my Yogi Inspired Tribe by sending lots of love and prayers out over our country ... Wednesday, September 13th at 12 noon?

If you are a yoga enthusiast, consider dedicating a yoga practice to the situation as well by setting an intention of love for all the hurting people who have recently been devastated.

Will you join us? Yes? Let us know below. Thank you so much!

Feel free to share your experience also in the comment section below or send me an email at shileen@yog-i-nspiration.com

I will be with you in spirit on Wednesday (9/13/17) at noon!

Sending you love and prayers!! :)

I Can Do Hard Things

I Can Do Hard Things