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Spring Cleaning with Yoga Part 2

Spring Cleaning with Yoga Part 2

Little did I know that in preparing for our Spring Cleaning with Yoga Series just how much the practices were going to impact me.  Beyond the physical realm, I have had an emotional issue surface that, believe me when I say, does not serve me at all! This is a perfect example of the very thing I referenced in Spring Cleaning with Yoga Part 1.

Let me encourage you to be open, notice, and embrace whatever comes up so that you can release it and be empowered through your yoga practice.

When cleansing with yoga, set a loving intention to notice your emotional well-being while you’re on the mat and the following 24 or so hours after your practice.  Part of the beauty of yoga is that it can assist in both illuminating and releasing emotional toxicity. As for the physical cleansing, your body will do the work for you.  You may or may not notice detox symptoms.

Today’s cleansing pose is Twisted Chair Pose.

Twisted Chair Pose strengthens our thighs, butt, and hips while it stretches our spine, shoulders and chest. It improves balance, posture, endurance, confidence, and flexibility throughout the spine.  In terms of cleansing or detoxing, Twisted Chair Pose not only detoxifies our internal organs including our kidneys and digestive organs, but it tones them as well. So awesome!

Below is a video of my Twisted Chair Pose practice.  Remember to keep your weight in your heels to get the full benefit of the pose. Lifting your toes from time to time can help ensure that your keeping your weight in your heels.

In this video, I chose to take 5 or 6 long breaths on each side, which is fine. However, another variation that I love is to twist to one side, hold for 3 breaths, come back to center still holding chair pose, twist to the other side and hold for 3 breaths.  Do this back and forth twisting 3 times on both sides and then step back to downward dog. 

By the way, enjoy the surprise visit from Ellie Mae! =)

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this 3 part Spring Cleaning with Yoga Series.

Have questions? Need help with the pose or the emotional and spiritual side of your practice? Leave a comment below or email me at shileen@yog-i-nspiration.com.  


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