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What?! Superfood Coffee?!

What?! Superfood Coffee?!

Yes! Superfood coffee! Your coffee can become a nutrient dense cup of gold! Crazy, right? I know, I know … I hear you. How is that possible and what does that have to do with yoga?

Ok, let me explain!

Something I have not mentioned yet is the fact that as you practice yoga consistently, often, cleaning up the ole eating habits becomes a natural outcome.  Yeah! It’s true! It happened to me!  When I look back over my short yoga journey, I not only cleaned up my eating habits but I discarded 11 pounds and over 9 inches! Again, crazy!  I’m telling you! Yoga is a beautiful thing in so many ways! One thing leads to another.

So, because I’m a lover of all things health and wellness, I will be sharing nutritional tips and recipes from time to time. 

Leave it to me to start with COFFEE!! Oh, how I love coffee!! =)

Did you know that coffee beans are a high antioxidant food and that coffee has the ability to reduce inflammation?  (Inflammation is the root of most disease.) I did not know that!  Plus, there are lots of other health benefits, but you still must watch your caffeine intake!

There’s one other thing I want to bring to your attention before I get to my Superfood Coffee Recipe. Recently I have switched to organic coffee because apparently, coffee is one of the most contaminated foods worldwide.  Conventional crops are highly sprayed with pesticides, chemicals and then combined with solvents. So disappointing!

Now, let me share with you how I turn my cup of coffee into a nutrient dense cup of healing gold! Are ya ready?! Here we go …

I normally put cream in my coffee so the protein powder, for me, replaces the milk plus it has a little stevia sweetener in it.  If you want it sweetened more, add a little natural sweetener like stevia, raw honey, or maple syrup. Remember that our spices have all kinds of healing and nutritional properties.  Play with the recipe and add whatever spices you like.  Some like nutmeg, I do not.

So, there you have it.  A super healthy, super yummy, superfood coffee! I love it so much that I’m always disappointed when my cup is empty. And by the way, my recommendation is 2 cups per day max!

Is this something you would try or is too far out there? Let me know in the comments below.

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