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This is how it works …

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  • Join the private Yogi Inspired Tribe Facebook Group, which is where the challenge takes place. 

2. Pumpkin Patch Yoga Challenge

Let's have some fun and celebrate the Fall season with October's yoga challenge. Get your creative juices going because we will be incorporating pumpkins in with each asana practice. Our challenges are great for the more newbie yogi, but even the seasoned yogi will enjoy our yoga challenges.  

Below are the details for how to join in on our Pumpkin Patch Yoga Challenge!

Yoga Challenge Testimony:  "Thank you so much for hosting and inviting me to do this first time yoga challenge. I really learned a lot more of self awareness. I'm totally thrilled with your support & friendship to continue this in my life .♡ " ~ JP

  • Share this link for the challenge on your social medias and tag the host and sponsors.

  • Each day there will be a daily pose posted in the Yogi Inspiration FB Group for you to practice. Post a photo of your version of the pose in the group. After the challenge is over, prize winners will be chosen from those who follow all the rules of the challenge. We’re very excited about the awesome sponsors and prizes! And we're thrilled that you are joining us!

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1. New Beginnings Yoga Challenge

September is about new beginnings. Even though we’re at the end of the month, it’s a perfect time for a new yoga beginning before all the holiday stuff begins!  Whether you’re ready to start yoga for the first time or ready for a consistent practice or ready to take your current practice to a new level, this is the perfect yoga challenge because ...

YOU ARE WORTH IT!  Join in on the fun and excitement!